Relatively Speaking Course Calendar

These courses are rolling registrations which means you may register for any of these courses at any time between July – September.

About You (0.3 CEUs)

The "About You" module explores the roles, relationships, and feelings that come with parenting a relative’s child. The stages of family development and relationships are identified and explained. Skills will be introduced to foster positive communication with birth family members. The importance of shared parenting, managing visits with family members and setting boundaries will be... Read more

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About the Child (0.3 CEUs)

The "About the Child" module provides an explanation for relative caregivers of the various benefits and challenges to a child who is in your care. It discusses the importance of developing a trusting relationship as a way to provide the child with an “attachment.” This can be healing and help the child develop in healthy... Read more

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About the Birth Parents (0.3 CEUs)

The "About the Birth Parent" module introduces some of the issues, strengths, and emotions that parents of the child in relative care may have. Topics include the effects of substance abuse, domestic violence, mental illness, sexual abuse and incarceration that impact the family system, the process and impact of grief and loss, techniques for shared... Read more

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